Digital Transformation of Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

Ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology.

Internet of Things

Digital Transformation (MANUF4.0)

MANUF4.0 is a customised solution for our clients in manufacturing/ production area. It encompasses three technological trends driving this transformation i.e., connectivity, intelligence and flexible automation. The traditional manufacturing/ production practices are highly lack of transparency and weak traceability. MANUF4.0 transforms the traditional practices that perform recording tasks in a manual processes with physical copies. To revolutionise the industry, MANUF4.0 applies IoT, machine learning and cloud technology in digitising our industry partners' business. The solution has been successfully deployed in the local drymix mortar factory and ready mixed concrete companies.

Internet of Things

FLINKEN - Our Industry Partner

Jul 01 2020

We have customised MANUF4.0 solution, a total factory solution for FLINKEN. The modules include Product Management (i.e., In-bound and out-bound warehouse management), Stock Monitoring (monitor inventory used and quality control of each batch production), Human Resource Management (handling payroll, attendance records, leave requests, and reimbursements) and accounting. MANUF4.0 is a cloud-based solution where the company directors can easily preview the status of their factory using an APP.

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