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NEUON’s mission is to implement AI technology in leading the paradigm shifts in economy, business and society.
AI is helping us do that in exciting new ways, solving problems for our clients.

Dr. Chai KC , CEO

Dr. Chai KC is a Sarawakian who received his Ph.D. degree and completed his postdoctoral research in 2016 and 2017. He has developed novel AI models over eight years, resulting in over ten scientific publications in collaboration with a team member at Deakin University and University Malaysia Sarawak. He managed several industrial-university research projects in Malaysia and Taiwan. By aggregating his research skill and business experience, he has founded several companies, including Flinken (Automated Manufacturing Factory) and NEUON AI (AI Consultancy and Solutions Provider.) Currently, he is the CEO of NEUON AI.


Marcus Chai, CFO

Marcus Chai is a Sarawakian who received his MBA from the University of Sunderland, UK, in 2014. He has a wide range of skills and knowledge, including over ten years of experience in concrete manufacturing, machinery and automation, business management, and international trade business with China and Indonesia. He founded and held directorship of several companies, including YICOR (Trading Building Materials), Flinken ( Automated Manufacturing Factory), and NEUON AI (AI Consultancy and Solutions Provider). Currently, he is the CFO of NEUON AI and also the director of the businesses.


Chang Yang Loong, CTO

Chang Yang Loong is a Sarawakian who is passionate in deep learning research with interest in machine learning, precisely computer vision, and video content analysis. He pursued his Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree with a full scholarship at Swinburne University. He graduated with first-class honors and was also awarded the Best Student Award bt Sarawak Energy. He is a full scholarship Ph.D. researcher in the Department of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Malaya, where he has been exposed to as well as participated in several deep learning and AI research projects. Recognizing his passion experience and skills, he was invited into the partnership as a co-founder of NEUON and is currently appointed as CTO.



We want to acknowledge and thank our advisors who have been a great support to us in our journey.

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Collaboration Academia & Industry

Yes. NEUON are the bridge to connect the research from Universities and Research Institutes to real industry applications. We are helping our academia partners to commercialise their researches.

Are you from Academia, especially AI related fields?
If yes, we are sincerely inviting you to join our family.