Automated Road Visual Inspection

Introducing RoadPlus, an AI powered platform for asset management that applies deep learning based computer vision technology to ensure that the road damages can be automatically detected/classified in order to perform road maintenance with better traceability and affordability. The ultimate goal is to ensure the entire process is automated, cost effective and mostly important systematic operation.

Computer Vision


RoadPlus integrates the state-of-the-art AI technologies and data analytics to perform sophisticated and repetitive tasks such as inspecting road conditions and damages, monitoring road assets such as road signage/guardrail and etc. RoadPlus aim to provide (1) automated road inspection solution, (2) a simple reporting platform for citizen (3) cost effective solution. RoadPlus AI is applied in smartphone to inspect road damages automatically. The reporting steps are extremely simple which requires only to mount smartphone on car windshield and only one button to start report and upload to cloud. Government can access the report at our single cloud platform on demand basis. No expensive hardware or in-house team is required.

Computer Vision

ROADPLUS : AI-Powered Road Asset Management Infrastructure

Nov 30 2020

This demo video aims to show our first pilot deployment. It demonstrates the simplicity of RoadPlus in inspecting the road conditions where all road damages are being digitised and subsequently the data are digitised in the RoadPlus Cloud platform which can be accessed by the authorities at anywhere at anytime. Please kindly contact us for a better understanding on our solution.

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