Tailored Facial Recognition Solution

With the years of experience with implementing image processing, we aim to serve the niche by delivering tailored-made highly effective facial identification and recognition softwares that specifically serve the local needs. Our solution include analysing image/video feeds in real time to identify immediately on the person of interest such as blacklisted/whitelisted, alert the arrival/attendance of guests and etc.

Computer Vision

Facial Analytics Technology (NEUON-FACE)

NEUON-FACE is designed in a way that delivers well-balanced solutions in terms of image analysis accuracy and system performance. We streamline the development of our client's software by accelerating face detection and recognition workflows. NEUON-Face enables images and videos analysing in real time and provide immediately pick out persons of interest by track suspicious individuals throughout the premises, or be alerted about the arrival of unwanted patrons to your establishment.

Computer Vision

Demonstration of Our Tailored Facial Recognition Solution

Dec 01 2019

Our CTO is explaining the pro and cons of the NEUON-Face technology and possible applications. If you need help with figuring out the best way to introduce facial recognition into your applications, please drop us a line to contact our team in the below form and we will get back to you shortly.

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