Centre of Crop Disease control (CCDC)

CCDC is the first proposed concept to connect and consolidate the stakeholders in addressing crop health includes diseases/pest/nutrient.

Machine Learning

Conceptual and Prototype of CCDC

By looking at the global statistic from FAO, we can see that crop disease is a critical issue that reported losses of US$220B annually in agriculture. In Malaysia, the loss due to crop disease is about RM2B whereby the agrochemical business is worth about RM1.48B. Crop disease is hardly diagnosed as farmers have limited access to information and experience. As such, we initiate our CCDC project with local and international partners to address the challenges.

Machine Learning

How CCDC Work?

Sep 01 2019

The animated video explains how the CCDC work in general. CCDC connects and consolidates the stakeholders such as farmers, agronomists, machine learning engineers, researchers, agro-products wholesalers, government and etc together under a platform. By uniting these stakeholders, information is able to transfer and share in fast, efficient and effective way via the CCDC community channel. First, the users only need to snap a photo and input to the system. Subsequently, the AI will automate crop diagnosis and recommend suitable treatment. If the issue persists, users can communicate directly with the experts and seek for their advice. In short, CCDC aims to connects multiple stakeholders together for one objective that is increase revenue in agriculture field. This is still an on-going efforts which requires multiple stakeholders to participate and make it a success. Please talk to us know if you have better idea to contribute.

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