Digital Transformation (WerkHR)

WerkHR provides a fast and convenience way in managing Human Resource activities such as attendance records, leave requests, claims and reports. Do not need any expensive clock machine, everything is done using employee's phone.

Internet of Things

WerkHR: HR Platform

WerkHR has a admin dashboard for the HR admin which allows the admin to manage all the staff's HR activities such as leave application, claim, payroll, and etc. Also monitor everything in just one dashboard. No more files and papers. It is also flexibly customisable and integrable to our MANUF4.0 solution. For example, the result from product counting algorithm can be directly and automatically exported to compute the staff's packaging commission. For employees, all their HR related activities can be done by just using the WerkHR APP.

Internet of Things

Systematic Way of Managing HR Activities

Mar 02 2020

Administrative Application needs just few clicks to complete a complicated application process. It is so *EASY* where employee fills and submits while admin only approves it. The rest of process is recorded automatically. The process from application to approval is now less than one minute. No more tedious application and communication. It saves your resources as everything is paperless now. WerkHR focuses on EASY, FAST and EFFICIENCY.

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