The Stereotype That Sarawak Is Still Behind In Tech? This AI Startup Proves It Wrong.

We are so lucky to have opportunity to give our story on NEUON AI and our motivation in Malaysia landscape.

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Vulcan Post interviewed our co-founder - KC, who hold a Ph.D in Electronic and Computer and he realised that he could play a part in helping our homeland thrive with AI. Over his years of research, he understood the gap between the academic and industry. He explained, “Much of our distinguished research is always kept in the library, laboratory, or archived. It is not being publicly introduced and delivered to the industry as most researchers focus on academic publication rather than real industry applications.” Thus, he found it essential to bridge the gap between the two to bring forward research outcomes and benefit the industries, overall contributing to a greater technology growth within Malaysia. KC and his co-founders successfully founded NEUON AI Sdn Bhd (NEUON) in December 2018. They aim to revolutionise local industries, particularly in manufacturing, agriculture and system management, by introducing their technology in computer vision, machine learning, and IoT. NEUON is currently working on several products and services, one of which is an interactive and intelligence advertisement platform called NEUON-BOX with a Smart Advertisement Management System (SAMS) that’s ready for use in shopping malls, tourists spots, airports, and more. Using AI facial recognition technology, NEUON-BOX helps advertisers reach their target audience by being able to identify viewer preferences based on facial demographics. This also enables them to create interactive advertisements to attract the attention of passersby. They’re also working on a Plantation Management System that consists of two modules, Precision Farming and AI Farming. The team has won the first three prizes at the International Plant Recognition Competition (Plant CLEF2019) and First runner up (Plant CLEF 2020) in France, and were selected as an official collaborator of Pl@ntNet app, an AI tool to identify plants with pictures. Lastly, they also offer a customisable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help businesses with digitising transactions and task records. On why NEUON decided to start in Sarawak, KC said that he believes the state needs to retain her own talents and create opportunities for advancement. “We have many talents in Sarawak, however, they are forced to leave their hometown due to the limited job opportunities, especially in advanced technology such as AI. As a result, Sarawak hardly excels towards industry 4.0,” he shared. By doing what they do, NEUON is working in line with the government’s vision for Sarawak’s digital economy and helping the state create opportunities to retain talents.

Awareness program

The Stereotype That Sarawak Is Still Behind In Tech?

May 06 2020

Author’s Blurb: Growing up in Sarawak, I often heard from adults that Sarawak was too slow paced to have good job opportunities or even innovation. However, now I’m beginning to realise that it might not be so true, and that my hometown does have a lot to offer. People just don’t realise it yet.

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