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LIANSIN : Attract Crowd in Kuching Festival 2019

Thanks LIANSIN, a Sarawak-based rice manufacturer for supporting us. We have successfully launched an interactive and innovative marketing strategy with LIANSIN during the Kuching Festival 2019. With LIANSIN, we innovated interactive game, namely facial similarity to interact with our prospects by using faces. It is played by two persons who can be couple, family member, friend and twin. AI analyses the facial similarity between the two persons and subsequently the pairs with highest score from each category are given a cash prize. Furthermore, the participants can also print out their photos as souvenir. We also use NEUON-BOX to build a lucky draw program in picking the lucky stars of the day. It is a success campaign which attracts huge crowd and brings joy to them.

Business Intelligence

NEUON X LIANSIN Kuching Fest 2019

Jul 26 2019

The program aims to interact with prospects and bring fun to them. It is a suitable for organisation that wants to bring surprises and fun to their clients.

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