AI Management

Relying on manpower to analyse your big data is tedious and costly. AI helps to strategically utilise the data available to produce accurate and useful insights. This will in return allow important inferences and decisions to be made.

Harnessing the right data

Data is said to be the largest commodity on earth today. It is being created daily and leveraged in many ways. If used correctly, there are endless opportunities for solutions to be made.
Data acquisition is often not the challenge but the utilisation of the data.

I Want Human Explaination


Label and categorise your data to better understand them.


Resolve complex problems by analysing your data using AI algorithms and high- performance GPU machine.


Adopt the outputs from our AI solution to make fast and informed-decisions.

Neuon-Plant Use Cases

Overcome the challenges to manage your plant database, you may talk to NEUON now. We can apply our NEUON-PLANT to organise, analyse and utilise your database effectively.

I Want Human Explaination


Enhance biodiversity and ecological conversations by plant identification. Identify and document plant species efficiently using AI.