Helping the society to be benefitted by AI

Our desire is to see Malaysia, especially our homeland, Sarawak thrive with the help of AI. The adoption of AI allows us to perform more than we are capable of and it creates opportunities for us to improve our quality of life.

NEUON’s mission is to implement AI technology in leading the paradigm shifts in economy, business and society. AI is helping us do that in exciting new ways, solving problems for our users, our customers and the world.

NEUON is founded by Sarawakians who believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) can perform complicated/sophisticated tasks more efficient than a human being. We believe if there are patterns, there is a solution. We apply deep learning to inherit human intelligence and subsequently teach the machine to see and respond to real-world problems. With the support of our high-performance supercomputing machine, we can crunch large amounts of meta-data within a short time and give valuable analytics which leads to better-informed decisions.

On behalf of NEUON, I would like to express our greatest gratitude to you for taking the time to listen and consider partnering with us. We wish to have an opportunity to present our very own in-house AI-driven solution via deep neural network models that will benefit you and your organisation.

Dr. KC Chai
NEUON Chief Executive Officer




NEUON welcome talents to join the team in delivering meaningful AI solutions. We invite individuals who are passionate in AI to join us in working towards a better future.

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Great Advisors Behind The Scene

We want to acknowledge and thank our advisors who have been a great support to us in our journey.

And most imperatively of all, we think AI will have the most noteworthy affect when everybody can get to it, and when it’s built with everyone’s advantage in intellect.

NEUON is an AI company specialising in computer vision, machine learning, and internet of things. Its core business includes developing their very own in-house deep neural network models customised for various computer needs, specifically for computer vision-based pattern recognition problems. NEUON has its tailor-made face recognition model, namely NEUON-FACE that tackles the face recognition challenges in multiracial society with various face feature differences, specifically for Malaysia. NEUON-FACE has been successfully deployed into the first application, i.e., intelligent advertisement panel (namely NEUON-Box), which has been soft-launched in March 2019.



Great Team Come With Great Outcome

We’re working our best to make AI solutions accessible to everyone. Not sure what you need? We would love to hear you out and discuss the potential solutions with you.

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